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Estilo Decorarcher – A leader in classic furniture

Estilo Decorarcher – A leader in classic furniture

The carved wooden furniture requires a production process which should ensure high quality levels. That process includes from the steaming and drying of the wood to the finishing and decoration. The wood is used in these pieces for the strength and functionality they provide as a constructive element.

Classic furniture is closely linked to art, and this causes that sometimes are even remarked more than the place in which it is located. The classic furniture are developed by artists and artisans, and this explains its value. This type of furniture are unique pieces of art that enrich and give personality to the most demanding and exclusive decorations.

In Decorarcher we remain committed to the classic wood furniture and we strive every day to create new designs and decorations at competitive prices. We will sure meet the needs of the most demanding customers who appreciate art and also look for something different.

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